Frequently Asked Questions

For Brokers:

How does DrayNow qualify Carriers?

In addition to all Carriers needing to maintain a “Satisfactory” Safety Rating, our Carrier Partners are monitored electronically each day to ensure all insurance certificates meet the strict requirements appropriate for our Customers.

How are shipments Insured?

With the added comfort of contingent policies for Cargo, Auto and General Liabilities provided on behalf of DrayNow, the Carrier Partners maintain Cargo, Auto and General Liabilities in the same manner and levels similar to like Carriers hauling Intermodal today.

How long will it take to get my paperwork from the Carrier?

Immediately!  Upon completing the delivery, the DrayNow Carrier APP requires a driver to upload all documents with customer signatures, via a captured picture from their Mobile phone.

For Carriers:

Do I need to be a motor Carrier to haul loads?

Yes, all Carrier Partners need to have an active, in good standing MC Number and US DOT number.

Do I have to Exclusively haul for DrayNow only?

No, at DrayNow we believe Carriers and Drivers should have the flexibility and Control that supports your individual needs.

Do I need to have intermodal experience?

No, we have Carrier/Driver support representatives in your local market that are there to help.