Meet a brighter future at the IANA Intermodal Expo

Look for DrayNow at the Intermodal Expo, September 17-19

If you’re heading to the Intermodal Expo—and you’re in the business of managing intermodal freight—the team at DrayNow looks forward to meeting you!

And if you’re ready for the future, DrayNow is ready for you. Mark your calendar for Monday, September 18th at 1:30pm. We’ve been selected to host a “Dialogue Box” in the Exhibit Hall, where we will lead a thought-provoking 15-minute session. Space is limited, so make sure you get there early.

While you’re exploring the Exhibit Hall, don’t forget to come meet us in person! We’ll also be exhibiting the DrayNow app throughout the Intermodal Expo at Booth #538.  Stop by and ask us some questions and then see for yourself how DrayNow can help your business. When you join us for a private demonstration, you’ll automatically be entered to win an iPad Mini.

We look forward to seeing you there.

About our Dialogue Box session:

Despite technological advances, intermodal shipping has yet to evolve into a highly efficient and truly collaborative marketplace. In this session, DrayNow’s CEO, Mike Albert, will address the hard truths facing the industry—and lay out the solutions most likely to transform intermodal shipping in the next 24-36 months. Drawing from years of experience and a sharp focus on the technologies that are disrupting other industries, Mike will challenge the status quo and leave you thinking about your business in a new light.

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About DrayNow

DrayNow is an incredibly simple, yet powerful application designed by trucking professionals who boast a combined 70+ years experience. Driven by their experiences, and eager to take trucking boldly into the future, they developed DrayNow as an intermodal marketplace that can help streamline your business so you can run it more quickly and efficiently. And, with just the click of a button, you can find available carriers when and where you need them most.

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