Software Engineer

DrayNow (Conshohocken, PA) is seeking a local Software Engineer to help our team inject technology into the tech-barren freight industry, automating complex processes, helping truck drivers find work, and adding previously-impossible efficiencies that have real green environmental impact. We’re a startup fresh into a large series-A funding round, with an already-successful platform seeing heavy use in the wild. We need your help to make it even better, adding features that our fax-machine-and-email-driven customers view as nothing short of magical.  

About Us 

 We’re a small-but-growing team based out of Conshohocken, PA across from Spring Mill Station. We’re a supportive bunch that believes strongly in open source, preventing silos, great documentation and test coverage, pair programming, code review, and high communication. As a company we firmly believe that family comes first, with everyone from our leadership on down exercising flexible hours to give school events, little league games, and family outings priority with no questions asked. We’re deeply invested in our work and seek to work with folks just as self-driven and passionate about our craft as we are. 

Our tech stack includes a range of AWS services, Docker, Serverless, Node.js, and databases including Elasticsearch and PostgreSQL on the backend. On the front, we’re React + Semantic UI + MobX on the web side and are currently rearchitecting our mobile app to use the latest and greatest in cross-device technologies. Even with a team as small as ours, we have high expertise in tough topics like containerization, high-scale architectures, security, and encryption, and we love to mentor. 

Who We’re Looking For 

Our Software Engineer should: 

  • have high familiarity with some of the tech stack above 

  • be able to communicate with our non-technical users effectively 

  • be able to fit new ideas into existing patterns and conventions to keep a clean codebase 

  • take suggestions from senior engineers, but not be afraid to share new ideas 

  • passionately want to expand their area of expertise across the full stack 

  • have little ego when collaborating with the team about how to solve problems 

  • be self-motivated to learn about the latest advancements in our technology space 

 Your responsibilities include: 

  • Maintain our recently-rearchitected platform and keep technical debt to a minimum 

  • Work alongside the CTO and other engineering staff on platform enhancements and new product offerings 

  • Write tests and documentation for all platform additions 

  • Review pull requests of other team members across our full tech stack 

  • Work directly with users to ensure their needs are met 

Interested? Here’s what we offer: 

  • Competitive salary based on knowledge and experience 

  • Incredible health insurance 

  • Dental insurance 

  • Flexible hours and weekly work-from-home days 

  • A high-positivity environment that doesn’t sugarcoat problems 

  • A crazy supportive team that celebrates each other’s wins and works together through losses (as infrequent as they may be ;-) ) 

Sound amazing? 

Let’s talk! Introduce yourself to our CTO, Tom Shawver, at For extra points, include a resume or LinkedIn profile along with anything else you’d like to share, like a GitHub account or your last big project.